At Scotch & Soda we want people to love their clothes and enjoy wearing them, that’s why we make great garments that suit every individual. Our products are rich in detail, high quality and affordable. The designers at Scotch & Soda spare no expense in ensuring the high quality detailing and finishing of each and every garment produced. We invest in the product, which is typically inspired by the best tried and tested classic and vintage styles, enriched with a wealth of inspiration from around the world.

Scotch & Soda has been around since the ‘80s, but the Amsterdam-based fashion brand as we know it today originates in a brave new start in 2001, when three new owners joined forces and brought to the table their broad experience and shared love of making great apparel. After Scotch & Soda was re-launched in Spring Summer 2002, Scotch Shrunk was added in Spring Summer 2008. Our line for boys channels the grown up Scotch & Soda collection. Pretty soon Shrunk made waves no-one at Scotch had dared to dream of. This success was soon followed by the launch of a women’s collection: Maison Scotch entered the market with the Spring Summer 2010 collection, celebrating classic French style and adding a touch of tough street wear elements.

In late 2010, the first Scotch & Soda perfume was launched by the name of Barfly, making a dream of the brand come true. Little sister R’Belle launched soon after in Spring Summer 2011, exploring a unique and modern take on girl’s apparel. Scotch & Soda’s youngest and most ambitious project Amsterdams Blauw hit stores in December 2010; a compact, high profile denim collection that could only come from the Scotch kitchen.


  • 1.深淺色請分開洗滌。
  • 2.請放入細網洗衣袋中清洗,以保持商品型態。
  • 3.洗滌時請勿使用漂白劑、螢光增白劑及衣物柔軟劑,以免降低涼感及吸排功能。
  • 4.洗後請儘快晾乾不可濕放,以免衣物染色。
  • 5.印花t恤下水請記得放入洗衣袋並反面洗滌。



尺寸(cm) S M L - -
肩寬 37 40 40.5 - -
領口寬 13 14 15 - -
衣長 69 71 72 - -
胸寬 50 51 54.5 -  
袖長 61 64 66 - -
袖口寬 11 11.5 12.5 - -